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to transform your life? Your decision to enter this brief but intensive treatment is one of the most difficult and important choices you will ever make.


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What is Addiction

Consider This...

Intensive Intervention

Before you make a final decision about your relationship that has been devastated by addiction, consider an intensive intervention as a catalyst to a recovery that lasts.

Addiction is Tricky

Addiction tricks you into believing you've found the missing piece but ends up destroying your thinking, emotions, behavior, values, hopes, and dreams. It damages the people you love most and destroys trust.

Partner Recovery

If your partner is an addict, know that you can't change of fix them, but you can find lasting trauma recovery for yourself through intensive treatment by calling us today.

Lasting Recovery

There is no quick cure, but use of evidence-based practices combined with extensive experience can establish a strong foundation to build or re-build your relationships with God, Self and Others.

Cost Effective & Convenient

Minimal disruption in time away from work, family, and other supports. We have locations in MS, TN, & FL, making it very convenient.

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